Photoshopping Delight

Do you remember how I told you I was learning to do a few things in Photoshop? I said it here in this post (which is protected so you’ll need the password to see it, email me if you’ve forgotten it) but if you can’t see it, basically I sat in on some Photoshop classes at work to try and learn how to use this software.

Well, earlier today, I emailed Elena a photo of Christian Kane that I found online (and my apologies to whomever took the photo, there was no photo if it is yours, it’s amazing and thanks). This photo:



Then I responded to her, saying, if only I could erase that woman from the photo, I’d probably wallpaper with it.

Literally as I was hitting send, I realized, that I, in fact, probably CAN erase that woman from the photo! So, I spent a few minutes trying to remember how, got the hang of it and:

CK Cowboy Hat


Voila! The exact same photo, minus the strange woman in the background. How amazing is that?!?! And man, oh, man, that could be my new favorite photo of him. Don’t be surprised if you see it in my house the next time you visit…