He Says Hello

My brother-in-law, known to the family as Chaj or Chaddo is celebrating a birthday today. 28 years old.

I wanted to celebrate by telling a little Chaddo story.

Chaddo has worked at the same place for as long as I’ve known him. What I didn’t know, until a couple of months ago, is that he works with two of my students. One is a longtime favorite student of mine and another I also know quite well, both spend a lot of time in the library.

Somehow, very recently, the subject came up at their work. It was the first time these guys, friends with Chaddo, had made the connection. Or Chad made the connection, I don’t really know, but they all realized they knew me.

The two guys decided to devise a plan.

They came back to school and told their friends at school, friends who know me, but do not know Chaddo, what they were to do.

And, about two months ago, my favorite student came up to me and told me he works with my brother-in-law. So weird. We chatted about that for a minute and before he walked away he smiled and said, “Chad Tuenge says hello.”

It seemed like a weird closing statement, but okay.

Then, the next day, the other student who works with him came into the library and said, “Chad Tuenge says hello.”

And I said, “you work there, too?” and he confirmed that he did.

The next day, a different student came into the library, “Chad Tuenge says hello.”

And I asked him, he just laughed and walked away. Weird.

Then a different student and a different student. This was all a plan devised by these boys at work. They thought it would be funny to prank me by having random students walk up to me and say “Chad Tuenge says hello.”

The funny thing is, SO many students have done it (I bet at least 15 different students have said this to me) and it happens so frequently, it has become hilarious.

Over two months now, this has been happening on campus and it still happens. It happened twice today alone.

The other day, one of the students was selling things at a booth on campus. I never buy things because I’d go broke–there is so much happening on campus regularly. But they were trying to lure people over to the booth with the promise of free Oreos. I declined. Then, the student said, “Chad Tuenge says eat an Oreo!” and how could I resist?

It’s become a catch-phrase here on campus. There are students who don’t even know what it means or why it is being said that will say it to me. Students call it out as I walk down the hall, they say it in greeting upon entering the library, they write it on my white board in the library.

Chad Tuenge says hello.

Each and every day at work, I now get reminded about my brother-in-law. That he is a terrific guy that inspires some serious humor on his behalf. That people like him. That I like him. That he’s a wonderful father and husband and that I’m glad he is part of my family.

Today, I have to say.

Happy Birthday Chad Tuenge. And hello back!