Totally Random Tuesday-ness

I had to stop at Walgreens this morning to pick up a wedding gift. (What? You don’t shop at Walgreens for wedding gifts?) Since I was late getting out of work last night, I couldn’t hit Target-as needed-so I was out of several supplies.

I wanted to grab something quick for breakfast while I was there. Turns out, Walgreens is NOT the place for that. I did, however, stumble across this:

Nice! is the brand, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. However, I’d never heard of this before-still, the options were that or…nothing, so I bought it.

Turns out, it might be the best sweet cake I’ve ever consumed. It was freaking delicious. I don’t know if it was the yogurt or what, but it was so moist it practically fell apart in my hands, but it didn’t, which is key. Deeelish.

A woman I work with calls me Liv. I spoke about random work nicknames here. However, from the first time I met her she started calling me that and the first time she did I said, “did you just call me Liv?” and she said she did. I asked why, figuring maybe she knew an Olivia and was used to calling her Liv. She said, “I don’t know, you don’t seem like an Olivia to me, you definitely seem like a Liv”. And since that’s actually true, I didn’t argue and she continues (for more than a year) to call me Liv. She is the ONLY one who does. I’m fine with that. Today, she brought her daughter in to meet me. Her daughter has her personality EXACTLY, so she was very likable. Mom introduced me as Liv. I said, “it’s Olivia” because that’s how everyone knows me. The daughter inquired as to the difference and I explained. Mom chimed in, “what do you think?”

The daughter responded by saying, “Can I draw on your whiteboard?” I said sure, noting she didn’t answer the question.

Then, when they left, I flipped the white board around to see what she had drawn.

And I guess she answered us after all. Cool kid.

Dashboard of my car….after it stopped dropping down from 114°. It wasn’t actually that hot outside, I think it just felt that hot outside.

The AC is broken at the LEPL building. So I’m working in a stuffy office.

My phone has been acting up lately. Not as responsive. I was getting very nervous because I can’t afford a new one and am not yet eligible for a discount to get a new one. And I can’t live without it. Then, this morning, whilst blog hopping, I stumbled across this post.

And now I have added him to my reader, because if he’s going to be that helpful…

I tried his suggestions and BAM! my phone works like new. Go figure.

I was given a free package of hot dog buns today.

This next one goes out to the Lovely Lisa:

My hair is HUGE today. Actually, I’m going to stop and take a picture.
Big hair...

See what I mean? My face looks tiny because my hair is so big and frizzy.

I used anti-frizz crap in it and everything, but I didn’t want to wear it up because I was going to be on tv, so I wanted it down to look like me. But humidity wreaks havoc on curls. My hair grows. Like a science experiment.

Elena called me about two hours ago. My phone rang. I saw it was her. I picked it up and said “hello?” I could hear loud music…it sounded like she was in a bar. Then, I can hear her singing the song “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas (the link takes you to a video of the music, set to clips from the show…my return gift to her)

. Then, when it was over, she hung up. Didn’t even say a word. Or as she put it, “the song was enough, no need for superfluous chatter”. That song is a theme from Supernatural. I’ve created a monster and I love every minute of it. Not many people are strange enough to call and sing to me over the phone…just because. I’m still chuckling. Highlight of my day.

And I was on tv!

My mini-vacation starts as soon as I finish up here (about an hour). And by mini, I mean I am only working 1 of my 3 jobs until next Monday. Hallelujah.

I just got an email from someone on the library board who DID see me on tv, she said I was terrific, very professional and friendly. Her words. So I guess that’s two accounts of how it went.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I am off to get a pedicure with the girls, then swim and grill and chill.

Happy Independence Day to you all!


I received one valentine from a coworker.

I treated myself to lunch on Valentine’s Day. Pei-Wei. My fortune that day?


I thought it very apropos for the day. And then I got my valentine. So…it came true?

This article made me irrationally angry at how idiotic people can be.

Peevish is the word of the day. What a terrific word.

Remember synchronicity? Lately, everywhere I turn I see or hear references to the tv series Downton Abbey. People rave about this show. Maybe I should give it a try?

Likewise, in the realm of synchronicity, it seems like every recipe I’ve stumbled across lately has a reference to coconut milk. I don’t really even know what that is, or where in the grocery store one can purchase it, but I finally found one I want to try. Unfortunately, I went to the grocery store…yesterday. I found the recipe…today. Damn. I hate the grocery store. But I have every single ingredient at home, except coconut milk. I might have to make a special stop.

But, my monthly grocery budget is $150. I only go once a month. (Have I mentioned I hate the grocery store?) and I am almost always over budget. Not by much, but $10 a month adds up pretty quick. Yesterday, after careful meal planning and grocery planning, my final total? $150.61  Doesn’t get much closer than that!

I am having a date this weekend with Elena. We haven’t had a date night in a long time. I’m very excited.

I dreamed about Donnie Wahlberg the other night, where we were friends and he came to my birthday party and sang Cover Girl to me and got several of my male friends (Justin, Tom, Frodo, and Mark) to be the rest of NKOTB and taught them the moves to Dirty Dancing and they all performed it for me. It was a weird, but happy dream.

Book club is reading The Hunger Games which I have already read and did not like. (One of the few, I know).

Vince Flynn’s new book came out this weekend, Kill Shot. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been anticipating it for over a year, it was supposed to come out in October, but he was diagnosed with cancer and had to-understandably-push back the deadline, thus the February release.

My mom made burritos blanco yesterday and reports that they were wildly successful. She, dad, and Zack all loved them. So, you no longer have only my word to count on.

Scramble with Friends is my very favoritest thing in the world right now. (Apologies to all who were playing Words with Friends with me…it just got to be too much, I need a break.) If you have a compatible phone…sign up and invite me to play. I’m obsessed.

Also, I’ve maxed out two games on my phone. As in, “no more levels” not possible to keep playing. TWO. Think I might spend too much time playing on my phone? Nope, me neither.

I’ve had a hankering for beer lately, so it’s good that our family beer festival is coming up. March 10, I can’t wait!

Okay, that’s possibly enough randomness for one day. Have a good weekend!