August 2016 Books

Well, September is upon us, which means it is time for fall, back to school, and my August book list. I’m not going to lie, I went a little crazy in August. I mean, every spare second, EVERY spare second, I was reading. I haven’t watched tv in ages. The fever had me and it showed in this month’s tally.

August: (37 books)

  1. 30 First Dates – Stacey Wiedower^
  2. Day Zero – Kresley Cole
  3. Poison Princess – Kresley Cole*
  4. Endless Knight – Kresley Cole*
  5. Dead of Winter – Kresley Cole*
  6. Paper Princess – Erin Watt^
  7. Broken Prince – Erin Watt^
  8. The Forbidden Wish – Jessica Khoury^
  9. Nuts – Alice Clayton^
  10. Cream of the Crop – Alice Clayton^
  11. Pretend You’re Mine – Lucy Score^
  12. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me – Mariana Zapata^
  13. Just Kiss Me – Rachel Gibson
  14. Six Month Rule – A.J. Pine^
  15. The Play – Karina Halle^
  16. P.S. I Like You – Kasie West
  17. Trust Honor Love – J.M. Witt^
  18. Marrying Winterbourne – Lisa Kleypas
  19. Winter Wishes – Karina Halle^
  20. The Lie – Karina Halle^
  21. Close to You – Kristen Proby^
  22. The Year We Fell Down – Sarina Bowen^
  23. The Year We Hid Away – Sarina Bowen^
  24. Blonde Date – Sarina Bowen^
  25. The Understatement of the Year – Sarina Bowen^
  26. Arcana Rising – Kresley Cole
  27. The Shameless Hour – Sarina Bowen^
  28. The Fifteenth Minute – Sarina Bowen^
  29. The Serpent King – Jeff Zentner^
  30. When Lightning Strikes – Kristin Hannah*
  31. Coming in from the Cold- Sarina Bowen^
  32. Falling from the Sky – Sarina Bowen^
  33. Shooting for the Stars – Sarina Bowen
  34. Him – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy^
  35. Us – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy^
  36. Bet on Us – Rachel Higginson^
  37. Bet on Me – Rachel Higginson^

First off, can we take a second and marvel at how freaking many books I read this month!?!?!? Prior to this my highest monthly totals were 26 in 2013, 32 in 2014, and 29 in 2015, followed by my June of this year, with 35 books! I thought 35 would be the permanent record, but then I surpassed it by TWO this month. So it seems silly to me to say that this might be the most books I’ll ever read in a month, but that is how it feels. But hey, it’s good to have goals, maybe one day I will read 40 books in a month!

Onto the books themselves, there’s a lot to talk abou this month, so I’ll start with Kresley Cole who writes my all time favorite series and I’ve been waiting two years for the next installment. First she put out a companion guide, Day Zero, which I really enjoyed, and then the book Arcana Rising, which I did enjoy. Elena did not. But I did. Not going to make best book of the year (she usually does win this, but definitely will not this year), but it was definitely a good installment to the series.

The absolute most interesting, shocking, different, cool thing I read this month (and likely this year) is the duology Him and Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. Elle Kennedy I already know and like and I read Sarina Bowen’s backlist this month, all of which I enjoyed, so I decided to try these books that they teamed up on. And guess what? A huge shocker for me. Remember how I said I’m rarely ever surprised by books? Well, this surprised me because I didn’t know much about it, but it was a gay romance. Yes, really. Jamie and Wes, which I assumed was M/F when I read the description and was plenty surprised to find out I was wrong. But, turns out, I liked them both (the books, not Jamie and Wes, though I liked them, too), immensely. I’ve never avoided gay romance, but I’ve never sought it out, either. It was good. Then one of Sarina Bowen’s books was a gay romance, so I went from zero to three in this month alone.

Excluding repeats, which you already know I like, I liked nearly everything I read this month. It was an astonishingly good month of books for me. The only things that were flops are:

Just Kiss Me – Rachel Gibson, disappointing because I like RG a lot, but this book was not good.

Trust Honor Love – JM Witt, this was just a bad book. Terrible.

That’s it! The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Pretend You’re Mine were not my favorite books, they weren’t bad, but even if I add them to this list, that is four out of 37 that I didn’t like. That’s a pretty good average.

So not only a ton of books, but a ton of good books. I’m just so happy about this month. Let’s hope the momentum keeps rolling into September. The first book I plan to read in September is the new Colleen Hoover, whom I LOVE, and wrote what is still holding as the best book of the year, the first book I read this year, November 9. This new book, It Ends with Us, may be the only shot at knocking her other book out of first place. Though knocking yourself out of first place to take first and second is a problem I think we’d all like to have.

Lastly, I have now read 136 books on the year. (Funny side note, I was telling my brother Zack about this and said my goal is 175…he is not a reader at all and said, “You can’t read 40 books before the end of the year!” and I said, “are you kidding because I almost read 40 books this month! and he said, “I don’t think I’ve read 40 books in my whole life”. Okay, maybe not funny, kind of sad, actually). I am on pace to read 204 books this year, which would be a new record. We will see what happens with only four months left to go.

Reading in the Rain

I know I’ve talked ad nauseum about how much I love to read outside. I LOVE it, it’s just the best thing in the world. I’m honestly surprised I don’t go into depression when I can’t for nine months out of the year.

At my house, I have a three season porch off my living room, which is on the second floor, that means my patio has a roof, the floor of the porch. I have my swing  hanging from the porch and that’s where I spend 99.99% of my outdoor reading time (once it was too sunny and I sat on the bench for 15 minutes, that’s the other 0.01%). Because of the way the three season porch is designed, it doesn’t get wet underneath. The rain has to be blowing virtually sideways to get rain underneath. The same is true inside the porch, so I’m lucky I can leave those windows open day and night, from April to October.

Okay, so this means I don’t have to stop reading when it is raining. This is a HUGE plus for me, especially this summer when it has been super rainy. And since rainy days are prime reading days, it’s basically heaven on earth for me.

Cut to Tuesday night. I was out reading and it rained a bit. No big deal. Then it got dark and a storm blew in. It was rapidly cooling off outside and I was considering heading in (I was reading on my iPad, so the dark didn’t matter) but it was a good part of the book and I was enjoying the sounds and smells of the storm, so I stayed put.

Suddenly, something wet and slimy landed on my bare leg. Okay, I just got a chill typing that. Truly. It was dark outside, so I couldn’t see it. Instead, I just freaked. FREAKED. Remember this? It wasn’t quite that bad, because I wasn’t naked, but still, I was in capri pants and it was on my bare skin.

So I freak out and start kicking both legs, which were previously resting on a footstool. Kicking like a maniac with one hand holding my iPad to keep it from crashing to the ground, I felt whatever it was leave my skin.

I calmed down and finally brought my legs to rest on the footstool when whatever it was touched my other leg! Again with the freaking and kicking and not knowing what the hell was happening. So I removed my feet from the footstool, but I was so freaked out I didn’t want to put my feet on the ground because I didn’t know what was happening and I was barefoot (my sandals were under the footstool where I had slipped them off) so I simply stuck my legs straight out. And, naturally, because I was on a swing, I start swinging wildly about in the dark with nothing to anchor me. During this time I was chanting, out loud, pleasebealeaf, pleasebealeaf, pleasebealeaf.  After maybe 20 seconds, my legs were starting to hurt, but I was calming down and I realized I needed to figure this out. On the heels of that thought was the reminder that I was holding an iPad IN MY HAND and it emits light. Um, duh?

So I flipped the screen toward the ground and, obviously, saw nothing, since the fear of the ground was all in my imagination, and finally put my feet down. As I stopped moving I was able to turn toward the footstool and I aimed my iPad again.

There it was, the source of all this drama.

A tiny green tree frog. Okay he wasn’t tiny, like maybe 1.5″ long. Which is sizeable, but by no means terrifying. Frogs do not bother me in the least. Except when it is storming, and dark and they are wet and land on my skin, uninvited, then, I guess, they bother me plenty. But I was laughing as I saw him, and I leaned forward and pushed him off the footstool with my hand. Because frogs don’t bother me. I touched him, he hopped off, I resettled in my spot and dove back into my book.

But something was bugging me, niggling in the back of my brain…

Finally, I switched over from the book to my browser and googled how high tree frogs can jump. I mean, I see frogs and toads frequently and they hop a bit, I’ve seen them jump great distances, forward, but never have I seen one jump high. Maybe and inch or two off the ground, but that’s it. However, this particular frog landed on my leg, on the footstool, which I am guessing is close to four feet off the ground when all is said and done. Four feet in the air! So my brain was wondering if he was on a tree or something and got blown onto my leg? I mean, it sounds crazy, but how else did he get there.

And then Google told me that tree frogs can jump up to 7 feet in the air, or 50 times their own body length. Wowza. I mean, that’s impressive, but also strange that I never knew that. Now I’m a little creeped out. Before I saw frogs and thought nothing of it, but now, knowing that if I am walking and see a frog on the ground, he could literally leap up and land on my head. That’s a little creepy.

Anyway, I filed that information away for later and finished my book. I was so close that even though I was cold and living in my own private dramedy, I wanted to finish. So I did. As soon as the book was done, I shut off the iPad and lifted my feet to the ground. I stuck my left foot under the stool and slid it in my flip flop. Then my right, but I couldn’t quite reach it, it may have gotten moved in the frantic flailing of the aforementioned dramedy. So I stood up on my left foot and reached further and my toe caught the edge of my shoe. I scootched it toward me and finally slid my foot in…and my toes met something slimy!

Again with the instinctive reaction, my foot kicked and the sandal went flying. Not far, mind you, just off my foot. STILL standing my my left foot, I leaned backward and grabbed my iPad, turned it back on and shined the light. My flip flop was about a foot away and now sole side up. I leaned forward with my hand and picked it up and that little frog was sitting underneath. Apparently, he thought he could make himself at home in my sandal.

Not true my freaky, jumping, little nemesis. This time I picked up the shoe in my hand, put it on, and grabbed my iPad to head inside. I kept the light pointed at the ground the whole time so I didn’t accidentally step on this frog, or worse, he didn’t hop right inside with me. As I stepped across the threshold, I turned back for one last look and the dim light from the screen could barely touch him several feet away, but it was enough to see the gleam of mirth in his froggy eye as he sat there mocking me.

Damn frog.

January 2016 Books

Well, I feel like I’m off to a good start. I not only read well and recorded well to start the year, here I am updating the blog only 5 days into February.

January (19 books)

  1. November 9 – Colleen Hoover
  2. Imperfect Chemistry – Mary Frame^
  3. Imperfectly Criminal – Mary Frame^
  4. Country – Danielle Steel^
  5. Dumplin’ – Julie Murphy^
  6. Freefall – Tess Oliver^
  7. Clutch – Tess Oliver^
  8. Wait for Me – Samantha Chase^
  9. Trust in Me – Samantha Chase^
  10. Stay with Me – Samantha Chase^
  11. The Paladin Prophecy – Mark Frost^
  12. The Viscount Who Loved Me – Julia Quinn*
  13. Alliance – Mark Frost^
  14. The 5 Stages of Falling in Love – Rachel Higginson^
  15. Black Lies – Alessandra Torre^
  16. Rogue – Mark Frost^
  17. The Muse – Anne Calhoun^
  18. Stripped – Jasinda Wilder^
  19. Leaving Amarillo – Caisey Quinn^

There you have it, the 19 books I read to kick off the year. This was my highest January EVER! (ok, at least since I’ve been keeping track). In 2013, I read 10 books. In 2014, I read 15 books. In 2015, I read 5 books.

Interstingly, those correspond perfectly to my yearly totals of 155, 194, & 136. That’s not really enough data for a pattern, but we shall see if it holds true that January sets the tone for the year. In order for it to work, I’d have to read more than 194 books on the year. I guess only time will tell.

Now as far as the books. I read some great stuff this month. The Muse was an odd little story that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. The 5 Stages of Falling in Love I just adored. That could make the finals at the end of the year. The Paladin Trilogy, (Paladin Prophecy, Alliance, and Rogue) was a terrific series I never expected. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A contender for best series, for sure! Dumplin’ was a surprising hit. A book I normally wouldn’t read but it got some seriously great reviews, so I tried it out and am so glad I did.

In the disappointing column, Country by Danielle Steel. I read DS when I was younger and while a few of her early books blew me away, I never liked her newer stuff. But I enjoyed the premise of this book and decided to read a DS novel for the first time in like 15 years. Mistake. It was not good at all. I’m surprised people still read her…..

But my favorite book was November 9. Colleen Hoover is an author I thoroughly enjoy. This was her latest offering. It was the first book I read this year and when I closed the cover, I hugged it to my chest and said, out loud, “this may well be the best book I read this year.” Kind of incredible on the first try. I loved that book so much I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if I reread it before the end of the year. Part me hopes it isn’t the best book of the year, because how sad that everything else is downhill.

So there you go. I’ve got a decent jump on February, as well, so I’ll see you after Leap Day to talk more books.

Year-to-Date (YTD): 19 books

Reading and Writing

You all know my love of reading. It’s not like it’s a surprise.

Here’s something you may not know. I think I’d like to write a book. I’m not big on competition or criticism or rejection, so nothing may ever happen if I do, but I think I’d like to do it. I’ve had many people tell me, over the years, that I should, but should is a long way from want, and even further from will.

As each year passes, I find myself more and more intrigued with putting my ideas down, shaping a story, crafting something purely from my own mind. Which brought about a very real concern, I don’t know how. I mean, I get the basics. And I know there are plenty of writers who don’t know how to write and simply do it anyway, but that’s not me. I need to know things, to understand them, or I won’t do them.

Which is why I am taking a class this winter. A writing class. I haven’t had a writing class since my freshman year of college, and that’s…well, it’s more than a few years ago. My buddy, Lane, is taking it with me and we shall see how it goes.

Ok, so the logistics of getting more information are taken care of. I have ideas stored away for when I’m ready to write. I know I am not the most motivated person, on my own, and I have ideas to address that. So, am I ready?

I just don’t know.

When you read as much as I do, there becomes an undeniable sameness to books. Doesn’t matter if I’ve never read the author before, or that particular genre before, books aren’t a mystery. They follow a frame, a format, and they are patterned. If you read, books are not a mystery. Even mysteries. There’s nothing new under the sun, that’s what people say. I know this better than most. I’m aware that anything I create has been done before, the question isn’t if it’s new, it is if it’s good. Am I going to be good at this? I have no idea, but that doesn’t bother me much. It would if I wanted this to be a career and had every intention of getting published. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t try that, just that it isn’t my goal. My goal is to do this because I want to do it. I want to know that I can do it.

I don’t yet know what I will write. I have ideas that are romance, fiction, dystopian, science fiction/fantasy, and a couple combinations thereof. I could write several different things. Maybe I will write several different things if this turns out to be something I enjoy. Maybe not.

I’ve been a reader my whole life. Suddenly I feel like it might be time to be a writer. I’ll keep you posted.

For the Roses

Just this morning, I got an Evite reminder for my family Christmas party (usually in January, but illness pushed it back) and decided it was a good time to go in and start designing my birthday Evite, which I think is fun to do. Less than six weeks until my bday, so why not?

I’ve had an Evite account for years and something made me click my profile. I haven’t looked at my profile since I created this account, I don’t think. I created the account in 2009, so it’s probably been six years. The very first thing that popped out at me was a line that says “Book I Read Over and Over…..” and I wrote “For the Roses by Julie Garwood”.

Now, this is true, I’ve probably read this book more than any other, possibly. What’s weird is this. Yesterday at work, I was reading an article online and something reminded me of a line from that book (because I’ve read it so many times, I actually know most of the lines by heart) and it made me nostalgic for the book, which I haven’t read in at least two years (because it wasn’t on my book lists the last two years, LOVE keeping track!) So I went home from work last night and started it.

So I happened to click on this profile and happened to see this line today and it happens to be on a day where I am READING THE VERY BOOK IN QUESTION! So strange. And yet, very cool. Another moment of synchronicity.

And with that, I will remind everyone to get your guesses in for the annual contest of how many books I’ll read. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to reading one of my favorite books, whilst eating my free Jimmy John’s sample sandwich. It’s a good day!

2014 Books Recap

For some reason, I’ve been so excited to write this post. Actually looking forward to it since I wrote last year’s recap. There’s something about the tallying of scores, books, picking favorites, it’s just a fun, fun post to write. So here we go.

First off, what everyone wants to know, who won?

Well, as it turns out, it was a super close race! The actual winner is one of Kelly’s students from last year, initials RL, who guessed 200, being off by only 6 books. However, since I don’t actually know this child, I’m bypassing that for guesses from people I do know. In that case, Mark was the actual winner, with a guess of 203, being off by only 8 books. He pulled that off by the slimmest of margins over his daughter Victoria, who at 180 was only off by 14 books. Therefore, Mark and Victoria, you get to be the 2014 winners (1st and 2nd place). I decided (and I hope that others think this is fun, too) that the prize is a guest blog, anything about books. So, Mark and Victoria can each write a post of any length about books. They can write about their favorite books, or books they don’t like, how how much they read, or whatever they like as long as it is book related. Email them to me and I’ll post them!


Okay, moving on to the tallying.

Here are the 2014 statistics. (* denotes new categories for 2014)

Total number of books read in 2014: 194 (25% increase over 2013)

Average number of books read per month: 16.2

Average number of books read per week: 3.73

Month with the most books read: Tie! June and July (32 books each) (23% increase over 2013)

Month with the least books read: December (2 books) (60% DEcrease from 2013)

Best book I read in 2014: Endless Knight by Kresley Cole. This is actually a bit of a cheat, because this book came out in 2013 and I read it in 2013 AND chose it for the winner in 2013. But, I REread this book TWO times in 2014 (yes, it is only one year old and I’ve read it three times) and I honestly did not read a book that is better than this one in this year. So I am picking it again. My list, my rules. And this has quickly become one of my favorite books of all time, which is impressive when you consider all that I read. (Caveat: if you want to read this, and you should, you need to read the first one in the series first, Poison Princess.)

*Runners Up for Best Book of 2014:

Talon by Julie Kagawa. Talon was a book about dragons that I did not expect to like, but I loved. Kagawa wrote the Iron Fey, one of my all-time favorites, evidently she can do no wrong in my world. Writing about Puck and Faeries or about dragons, it doesn’t seem to matter, she sucks me into her stories and doesn’t let go.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor. Laini Taylor had the runner up for best book two years running, both from the same series. The middle book was a little lacking, but the first and this, the third, were brilliant and make this a favorite series of all time. Another contender for best series; it was probably 6th or so on the list, primarily due to the slower middle title, but overall, an incredible teen fantasy series.

Pivot Point by Kasie West. Pivot Point was the first in a duo that I adored. I have now read everything Kasie West has written and have discovered a new favorite author, though this book remains my favorite of hers. Actually this series, was next on my list, but I stopped my runners up at three, so it didn’t quite make the cut, but it is amazing.

Worst books I read in 2014: The Professional by Kresley Cole, while this was probably not the actual worst book of the year, because she is one of my favorite authors, the fact that she can make this list at all easily qualifies her for the title. Please note she also wrote the book I chose as best of the year two years running. Kudos, KC. And I just found out this horrible book is a series. Dear God, KC, what were you thinking? Please stop writing these immediately and focus all your energy on the Arcana Chronicles.

*Runners Up for Worst Book of 2014: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Knight by Kristen Ashley, Last Hit by Jessica Clare

Total number of NEW books read: 161 (83% of the books read in 2014, a 1.4% increase over 2013)

Total number of rereads: 31 (17% of the books read in 2014, a 1.4% decrease over 2013)

Total number of standalone books (does not occur in a series) read (including rereads): 28 (8% decrease over 2013)

Best new series: Bad Boys and Wallflowers by Maya Rodale, simply because of the innovative nature of the stories. Telling parallel stories across two genres, it was just brilliantly done. The books are not the best, but this idea was amazing and I couldn’t stop reading them.

*Runners Up for Best Series: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A Nielsen,The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Most surprising book: Broken by Megan Hart. There were no runners up here, this was easily my most surprising book of the year, so surprising, in fact that I wrote a whole blog post dedicated to this book.

Biggest disappointment: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This is by the slimmest of margins over Dark Skye. I might have actually been more disappointed in Dark Skye, but Outlander was over 900 pages of disappointment, so I am giving it the crown.

*Runners up for Biggest Disappointment of 2014: Dark Skye by Kresley Cole (boy, she had a big year on my list, didn’t she?), Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

*Total number of print books read in 2014: 76 (39% of books read in 2014)

*Total number of electronic books read in 2014: 116 (61% of books read in 2014)

*Most surprising statistic: I have to go with the grand total 194 books, and knowing that I read 25% more books in 2014 than in 2013. That’s pretty amazing.

My final thoughts? I recently read a quote from the Pew Institute that the average American reads 5-7 books a year. I read almost 4 books a WEEK in 2014, so clearly I’m above average. Way above, but I think we already knew that. I was actually astonished by that. I know I read way more than anyone I know, but 5-7 a year seems so low to me. For some reason, I didn’t find the books quite as gripping this year as the previous year. That could be because an all-time favorite came out for me in 2013, but it could also be because I read more. Reading more tends to lend itself to quantity over quality. And with such a huge disparity between the years, for me, it means there is no rhyme or reason to it, I have no idea how much I will read in 2015, but we surely will find out.

Monthly lists:













Congrats again to Mark and Victoria, please send me your blog posts whenever you get them done and I’ll post them. Here’s to another great year of reading!

P.S. Don’t forget to hit the comments with your guesses for 2015!

September Books

Ah, sweet September. Usually one of my favorite months of the year in which to read. Lots of good books coming out, beautifully perfect weather, time on my hands….and almost none of that was true this year. The weather changed drastically, toward the chill, very little came out that I deigned to read, and I have rarely had less time on my hands. Plus, well, the book slump. But then, in the latter half of the month, life evened out and I started reading again. Imagine my surprise to find that when all was said and done, I finished a perfectly respectable 16 books this month. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

September: (16 books)

1. Looking for Trouble – Victoria Dahl

2. Heroes Are My Weakness – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

3. Undeniable – Shannon Richard^

4. The Wicked Wallflower – Maya Rodale^

5. The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Wicked Arrangement – Maya Rodale^

6. Wallflower Gone Wile – Maya Rodale^

7. The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Girl Gone Wild – Maya Rodale^

8. The Bad Boy Billionaire’s What a Girl Wants – Maya Rodale^

9. Love and Other Scandals – Caroline Linden^

10. It Takes a Scandal – Caroline Linden^

11. The Prince Who Loved Me – Karen Hawkins

12. The Infinite Sea – Rick Yancey

13. Magisterium: The Iron Trial – Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

14. Loving a Lost Lord – Mary Jo Putney^

15. When Harry Met Molly – Kieran Kramer^

16. Loving Lady Marcia – Kieran Kramer^

And there you go. What was interesting this month? Well, I did read The Infinite Sea, Rick Yancey’s sequel to The 5th Wave. My friend Lisa is really into these books. I think it is an interesting story. I liked the story better after this one, it was definitely more interesting. My issue was it jumped around a lot and contained many more viewpoints, so it didn’t hold my attention as much. But, overall, I’m excited for the conclusion. Magisterium is an interesting new series, it is written jointly by two authors. I like Cassandra Clare’s books and have never read Holly Black. The series is about a young boy who goes to school to become a mage. But he doesn’t want to, for many reasons and is forced to go anyway. Then some things happen….it was good. If the next one holds up, it would be a series I’d recommend to Harry Potter fans or Percy Jackson fans (I’m in the latter group).

Heroes Are My Weakness. Ah, SEP, you are one of my go-to authors for a good contemporary read. This, your newest book, is a standalone, and I was excited to meet new characters. It.Was.Horrible. On the list for one of the worst books of the year. I was so disappointed in this book that thinking about it makes me want to cry.

And then let’s talk about Maya Rodale, an author I had never read. Her first historical romance on this list, The Wicked Wallflower, was sent to me as a sample from a service to which I subscribe. As I was looking for an historical romance at the time, it caught my attention. The premise was cute. So I read it. Only to find she wrote a companion series, The Bad Boy Billionaire, which is the same plot, using different characters, told in a contemporary setting. Huh. Never imagined something like that. Then, in another twist, each of the three books parallels the other, but the historical trilogy (the final of which I have not yet read as it came out today…) are three different sets of characters, while the contemporary is one set of characters set over three books. So many twists and turns, I was fascinated. This is now a contender for best series of the year. She is not the best writer, lots of grammatical errors and typos and some plot holes, but the story she does tell is compelling enough to convince me to overlook the other flaws. I’m excited for the finale.

And the other books were fine this month. Nothing earth shattering. I was so relieved to get back into reading. By September 20 I had only read 3 books, so I was concerned, but I managed 13 more in the final 10 days of the month (thank God for the gorgeous weather last weekend!). My total count on the year is 171 books, which puts me on pace to master 228 books on the year. With only three months left to go and them being very busy months, I’m thinking it won’t get that high, but I feel good about an even 200. We shall see.

P.S. I am posting this at just before 5 pm on 9/30. Technically I have seven more hours in which I could read another book, but since I’m watching the kids for Em and Chad’s anniversary today, I’m just doubting that will happen. But, if it does, I’ll update accordingly.