Day of Dumb

I’m a pretty smart girl. You all know that, right?

Well, apparently, I’m also human, just like all of you. I’m totally subject to having moments of sheer stupidity, at least today.

Let’s begin with this. This morning, I fell out of my desk chair. I was sitting at the time. My chair is on wheels, I leaned to the side to pick something off the floor and must have had a weird angle, the wheels slid, the chair flipped and I was dumped on the floor. True story.

It was LOUD. Huge crash. And I may have yelped. Students rushed to my aid, yelled “what happened?”, etc. It was glorious.

Shortly thereafter, my boss stopped by and asked how my day was going. One of the students present for the crash piped up and said, “well she fell out of her chair, so her day can only go up from here.”

Yep, mockery.

Then, a bit ago, a student looked at me and asked, “what is currency?”

I said “um, money?” with a total question in my voice, and no faint trace of sarcasm.

Slowly she said, “nooooo, from what you taught the other night.”

YIKES. I spent two hours teaching on evaluation of sources, including an acronym to help them remember which I stress during the lesson. CRAP is the acronym. And the C stands for…you guessed it…Currency.

Apparently I was the idiot in that conversation. I somehow completely missed it. And therein lies the tale of my day of dumb. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.