Yesterday was the 36th wedding anniversary of these fine people:


(the ones in white….)

I didn’t get a chance to blog it yesterday, but I saw them and gave my felicitations in person. Thirty-six years of marriage, good for them.

And oh, how very young you both look. Just babies. No idea that in less than two years you’ll have a baby to contend with. No way of knowing that in just over five years you’ll have FOUR babies to contend with. Never dreaming of moving from St. Paul to the suburbs. No clue that you’ll learn what it means to custom design and build your dream house.

Not even a glimmer that just 36 short years later, you will be these people:


Grandparents. With one more on the way.

Thank you both for the memories, for the love, for the support, and, well, for the life!

I love you, Happy Anniversary.