Deja Vu

Remember this? Last year, end of June, I broke my toe. I think. I never officially had it checked, but the photos speak for themselves.

One year later, practically to the day, I’ve got this going on….

Same foot, same toe.

This was a few hours after it happened. Last year, it was stubbed on a cabinet in the bathroom. The cabinet has since been moved. This time? On the toilet, in the same bathroom. Unfortunately, I can’t remove the toilet, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

The photo above was Saturday, right after it happened.

This photo

Was taken minutes ago. As you can see, still a little swollen and the bruising is spreading, but it’s not nearly as bad as last year.
However, the difference could be in elevation and ice. Last year I was working 80 hours a week with zero down time. I walked on it and worked nonstop. This year, it happened on a weekend and I rested it. Elevation and ice, so that could be why it isn’t as bad.
Who knows?
Either way, it hurts like hell. And it’s a little creepy that this happened exactly the same, two years in a row. If it happens next year, I will probably freak out.
There’s your fun “Livlife is a klutz” story for the day.

Day After Day

photo (8)

Close up…
photo (7)

Later that night:
photo (9)



photo (10)

Close up…

photo (11)



Close up…


(please note after two full days of icing and elevating, it is STILL so swollen)



Oh yeah…at my desk.

Close up…


Out of focus, but you get the gist.


I broke my toe. Or jammed it. It’s impossible to tell. It hurts, it’s swollen, it bruised up very nicely, and I can’t wear shoes (only flip flops don’t hurt). Thank goodness it’s summer.

I caught the edge of a cabinet in my bathroom on Friday morning. I assumed I stubbed it. I cursed, no doubt about it, and I saw stars when it happened, it really hurt, but I figured I’d be fine. I shook it off.

Then, I went to work and about six hours later as it was still throbbing, I glanced down and saw that it was bright purple (see photos 1 and 2). That was when I realized I really hurt it. I’ve had it elevated as much as possible. I taped it for work on Saturday. I ice it all the time. Yet, four days later it is still extremely swollen and bruised and painful. Superfun.

Also, my plumbing backed up and sewage from the toilet is now in my bathtub. Awesome. I couldn’t do anything this weekend (except gag from the smell) so a plumber is coming today and my awesome dad will meet them and get it fixed.

And how was YOUR weekend?