Whole30 Beginning

Just a quick touch base to let you know how it is going. So far….so good.

Early observations:

I’m hungry….all the time. I know this will stabilize and I’ll actually become LESS hungry over time, because my body stops craving the foods that are bad for me, but for now, this kind of sucks. Even though I think I am eating plenty, I am always hungry. Like 5 minutes after I finish a meal, I am hungry.

I’ve had a headache for two days (and since I’m only 3 days in….) but I figure that’s a withdrawal symptom. It happened when I quit caffeine, so I am not at all surprised. This should likewise go away with time.

I have more time on my hands and I don’t really know what to do with it. Yes, this sounds weird, but I tended to be a grazer when I ate. Snacking here and there. Now I am trying to eliminate that and eat fuller meals with fewer snacks in between. Logically, I know I don’t really have that much extra time, but it FEELS that way because of the desire to snack that I am ignoring.

I vastly prefer raw vegetables. I figured I would get very sick of always eating raw veggies, so I experimented Monday with steaming. While the steamed broccoli with lemon juice and garlic was tasty, yes, it wasn’t really for me. Of course, I don’t really like broccoli and don’t know why I bought it. I suppose I thought I could convince myself to like it if I slipped it in with all the other vegetables. So I tried the same steam recipe with green beans, which I do love. And I was pretty “meh” about that as well. I think I just prefer them raw. But that is pretty boring, so I am open to suggestions.

I haven’t slept all that great the first two nights. I’m not certain that is fully related. I slept, sure, but not super deeply. However, this is a big undertaking and I’ve worried over it a lot, so it is possible that it is related to that and not the food itself. We shall see, I suppose.


I wrote the above on Day 3, thinking I’d post on day 4 and let people know how it’s going. But now I am at Day 11 and this is what the update would look like.

On Day 6, I got stomach cramps. Massive, terrible, awful, worst cramps of my life. It was terrible. It laid me out for two and a half days. Yes, DAYS. Then, that subsided and the dreams began. Dreams. Weird, vivid, astonishingly real dreams. Like where I was walking in a church basement and there was food, everywhere. I was trying to find someone or something and as I walked the halls, I’d suddenly find myself drinking a glass of watered down lemonade. Not even anything good, but then I’d realize I can’t have it and be crushed that I ruined all my hard work. Or sometimes I find myself eating a donut.

Which is weird, because I am not craving either donuts or powdered lemonade. In fact, I dislike powdered lemonade, but whatever. I think it is the sugar that my brain is trying to sneak into my subconscious. But, when I am awake, I don’t really have cravings. I mean, sure, I’d love some ice cream. LOVE some, but it’s okay that I can’t have it right now.  Understand that it is the right now part. It isn’t like I’ve changed my lifestyle permanently. I am hoping to, yes, but even so, if I want ice cream, I can always have some. But yet, the dreams.

The tiredness has mostly subsided. I sleep well again. And I wake up a lot easier, so that is nice. Now, that doesn’t mean I want to get up when the alarm goes off, but it is noticeably easier to wake up. I also fall asleep faster. MUCH faster and I never had trouble falling asleep before.

The hunger has also completely abated. I feel hungry at meal times, but honestly, not really. I feel more like “it’s time to eat” not really hungry. So I eat and then I’m full. It’s kind of nice. I don’t really crave snacks or anything in between.

Elena mentioned to me, today, that she is underwhelmed by this thing. She expected me to be raving about how fantastic I feel or something. I get that. But isn’t the point. In order to feel that way, I have to get the bad out or else the good can’t get in. It isn’t an overnight process. That’s why this is a 30 day program. It takes weeks for your system to reset from a lifetime of bad habits. I am surprised it is only weeks, actually. I notice little, gradual changes, like those above, but they are just part of the process. By the final week, I fully expect I’ll feel fantastic.

In the meantime, I just keep on keeping on.

19 days to go.

Posts to Come

Oh Boy, I’m slacking lately. I know. I’ve been busy. Busy in life and busy at work. Blogging takes a backseat to real life. Who knew?

Here are the many things I am going to blog about soonish.

My birthday

Mother’s Day

Arionna’s birthday

Simon’s birthday

Emmy’s birthday

Zack’s birthday

(seriously, birthday season is exhausting)

Cam’s 3 month photos


date with Christian

Barclay St.

And, by the time I get around to finishing all those, I will probably add:

Grandma’s 95th bday

Sleepover with Kelly

Father’s Day

Camden’s baptism

hooky day(s)

Mom and Dad’s anniversary

Yeah, and that takes us through June. Not at all intimidating. Wish me luck and stick with me, I’ve got some good stuff coming up, I promise.

Baby Pool Update!

Can you believe I forgot to update this? I can’t either. Emily even noticed it wasn’t updated and was razzing me about it. But, the results are in. Our baby boy is here and now we can find out who best predicted his entry into the world.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.









Me! That’s right, I’m the best guesser. I was so surprised that I won. I didn’t even place in guessing in Arionna’s pool, so I’m pretty thrilled. There’s no prize, obviously, but it’ll always be reflected in his little baby book that Auntie Livi guessed  the best on his newborn stats. Hm, I guess that actually is a prize.

Job Update

By now, I’m sure you all wait breathlessly for the updates about the revolving door that is my professional career. Here’s the skinny.

Last Friday was my last day at LEPL. I finished working at 1:45, by 2:00pm my email was disconnected. Wow. Talk about “don’t let the door hit you in the ass” hmm? Whatever. I’m still letting go, but it’s time to move on.

And, as it happened, Saturday was my last day at Mimi, wedding season is officially over.

Somehow, as things turned out, I ended up losing TWO jobs last week!

Then, in a burst of strangeness that only I can ever accomplish, I managed to get offered a substitute position in one of the county systems. And I scheduled the first day of training for Saturday, before my last wedding.

So I gained a job last week.

I went from three jobs to one job to two jobs, in one week. Actually, no, that’s not accurate. I went from three jobs to two jobs to three jobs to two jobs. And there I sit, comfortably ensconced in two jobs. Of course, I’ve already got feelers out for a third; another sub job in a different county.

Glutton for punishment?

No, actually. Subbing in a library is much like being a substitute teacher. You get called to fill in at this branch, this day, this time. You can turn it down if you’re busy or it doesn’t fit your schedule, or if you don’t like that branch or whatever the case may be. You are not locked in to any hours. So I can pick up as many or as few shifts as I want. I like the freedom of being able to choose. So I can keep busy and make money, but not kill myself like I did over the summer/fall this year.

And this also has the advantage of giving me connections and added public library experience. Hopefully it will mean that when a job opens up in the public system, I will have a foot in and be a stronger candidate.

I’m all about moving forward these days. Plan for the future. The dream was great, but it’s over now. I’m going to try a little more practicality and see how that hits me.

The good news? If you’ve heard me say, “I can’t, I’m too busy” ask me again now. Time is on my side.

Headphontastrophe (cont.)

You may have remembered reading about the first story of my earbuds and the slight update.  Well, of course, I am here to give you the final (I hope!) update.

My earbuds DID arrive, from Hong Kong, on March 16. The day after my birthday, which I, of course, considered a present. I was so happy that I had three new pairs. On Monday, I took ONE of the three pairs with me to work, leaving the others at home for safe keeping.

I used them Monday and Tuesday and I was thrilled to be back in business.

Wednesday (yesterday) rolled around and I got to work. I had a bunch of things I needed to pound out, so I started early with the music. I opened the drawer where I keep my earphones….gone! What? I checked the computer, because I sometimes listen to things on my computer and plug them in there, and then I forget and leave them plugged in overnight. Not there. I searched the entire desk area and they are nowhere to be found.


I kept my other pair here at the library for close to two years and they were fine. In fact, they were still in the drawer when I was searching for the new ones. I finally just threw them out. How can I have waited this long and get to use them for only two days before someone steals them?

And who the hell steals earbuds? They go IN someone’s ear, isn’t that gross?

Lucky for me, I have two more pairs, but I’m thinking it might be a good idea to buy a backup kit from Hong Kong right NOW, just so they get here before I burn through two more pairs.

There you have it, the full and (hopefully!) complete story of my earbuds.