Seven Hundred Sixty

Seven hundred and sixty-ONE days ago today, I met Christian Kane. This was a major milestone. He winked at me. He HUGGED me. He gifted me with this fine photograph.


Surely you all recognize it. I even wrote a blog about how this photo has taken over my life. The most prevalent usage of this picture was as the wallpaper on my cellphone.

Since the day I downloaded the picture off the internet, I made it the front wallpaper on my iPhone. It has never changed. Not once. Not for holidays, not for anything.

Until now. At 11:00 am this morning, I finally changed my wallpaper. I figured it would have to be a pretty precipitous event to shake the foundation of Christian Kane love I’ve got happening.

Well, turns out, I’ve finally got a new love.


This is my new wallpaper. And my new love.